river cruise in Russia

River cruise to North of Russia «Fantastic Russia»

Super comfortabe river cruise in Russia, original northern old cities of Russia

Tour to Karelia «Wonders of Karelia and 2 capitals»

Tour to Karelia. You will see Kizhi Island and Valaam Island and more

Tour to Moscow «History of Moscow»

You will see main historical attractions of Moscow. Tsar residence, Kremlin, old palaces
tour to Moscow "Visit to President of Russia"

Tour to Moscow «Visit to the President of Russia»

Tour to Mowcow and visit to the President of Russia, Grand Kremlin Palac, 

Tour to Moscow «Week-end in Moscow»

During week-end in Moscow you will see - Kremlin, White house, main Cathedral.

Tour to Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Excursions in two main cities of Russia - Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Famous
Monasteries of Russia

Tour to Russia — Magnificent Monasteries of Russia

In this tour you will see fantastic monasteries of Russia, famous icon and chambers

Tour to Russia — The Soviet Union and Stalin — general history

This tour to Russia for those who are interested the history of Stalin

Tour to Russia «Fishing at the Volga river»

Fishing at Volga river. Garantee results. Beautiful nature of Volga region and old