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Monasteries of Russia

Tour to Russia - Magnificent Monasteries of Russia

Tours to Russia "Magnificent Monasteries of Russia" 5 days /
New Year 2020 in Moscow

Tour to Moscow - New Year 2020 in Moscow 6 days

Moscow Tour: New Year 2020 in Moscow 6 days /
new Year in Moscow

Tour to Moscow - New Year 2020 in Moscow 5 days

Tour to Moscow - New Year 2020 in Moscow 5

Trans-siberian express around Russia

It is interesting to cross the whole of Russia from
Tour to Russia Golden Ring of Russia, old town Suzdal

Tour to Russia "Golden Ring of Russia"

Tour  of Golden Ring of Russia. Old russian cities -

Tour to Russia - The Soviet Union and Stalin - general history

Tour to Russia, who intersted in the history of Stalin,

Tour to Siberia "Diamonds of Siberia"

Excursions in Siberia, Yakutia and diamond region. You will see

Tour to Saint Petersburg "4 days in St.Petersburg"

4 days in Saint Petersburg. Excursions in the city, excursion

Tour to Russia "Fishing at the Volga river"

Fishing at Volga river. Garantee results. Beautiful nature of Volga

Tour to Saint Petersburg "Week-end in Saint Petersburg"

Week-end in Saint Petersburg. Excursions to Hermitage, panoramic city tour,

Tour to Moscow "Week-end in Moscow"

Tour to Moscow. Week-end in Moscow. Excursions to Kremlin, lunch,

Tour to Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Excursions in two main cities of Russia - Moscow and

Tour to Moscow "History of Moscow"

History of Moscow. Nistorical city tour, visit of Kremlin, tsar


Invest-Marvik- a company that operates in the field of tourism for 20 years.

We are receiving a tour operator and License (RTO registration number) 013077.

Our aim — to offer you a fascinating, interesting, high-quality tours to Russia at reasonable prices.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are well aware of how to create a bright and strong memories of your travels.

Why do we work?

We love our profession

and we want you to get the maximum pleasure! After all, if you’re happy, then we will be happy.

We love to meet people

from different countries and tell them about our beloved country.

We want to show you the beauty of

our country, its rich culture and history and to help to understand the soul of the Russian people, the Russian people.

Russia — a great country with a rich history. We are very proud to live in this beautiful country, and we want you to know and feel the Russia!



Tour to Saint Petersburg "4 days in St.Petersburg"

It was amazing trip.
Thanks for organisation and personal attention.
We are promise to recommend this tour our friends.
Thank you.


Tour to Moscow "Week-end in Moscow"

I liked very much in Russia, a wonderful country with beautiful people and architecture!